BEK- Black Eyed Kids


I let a BEK Girl or Black Eyed Kid in my house and nothing bad happened to me, except that my parents yelled at me. They told me not to let strangers in.

She was eight years old, the same age as me. Also, she was a pale skin sickly girl that looked really ill like some one that has  terminal cancer.

It happened on a bitter cold windy winter predawn morning. Both my parents were gone. They had gone to work already and it was snowing.

Usually, I would scoot off to school, but it was too cold for me. There was on the ground  some ice. Also, at least one inch of snow.

This girl kept knocking hard on my door screaming. "Mister, please let me in. I am cold and hungry. Please help me."

Her hair was messy. I did not feel any fear, but her pale skin and big black eyes did make her look at bit creepy.

I felt sorry for the BEK girl and invited her into my house. Then gave her some hot chocolate, to warm her up.

We talked some about the horrible weather and how school might be called off.  Suddenly, she was gone.

Basically, I saw her tracks in the snow coming toward my house, but not going away. Weirdest thing ever.

She was just gone. There was no trace of her anywhere...

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